If you want a handbag that no one else has; if you are looking to make a fashion statement about your own individuality; if you yearn for something out of the ordinary; or if you simply fancy receiving a lot of compliments, Bonnie Jayne Art natural cowhide handbags may be just the answer.

Bonnie crafts each Bonnie Jayne Art handbag with an eye toward  marrying the natural beauty of the hide with a functional design that is both a pleasure to look at and fun to wear.  She creates each handbag by patterning it from a single hide, then hand stitches it using sinew rather than thread to give it a long lasting use and appeal.

With few exceptions the bags are not lined. Bonnie made this decision intentionally.  Without liners, the bags carry through with the natural look. The exceptions to lining occur with handbags made from dyed cowhides.  These bags are lined so that no color will transfer to the contents.  Bonnie does reinforce the bottoms of the larger bags to add strength.

Using the drop down feature, visit  all our handbag selections.  Be it shoulder bags, cross-body bags, fannie packs, clutches or messenger bags, we make them.


Want a custom bag?  Want special hardware?  Different strap?  Drop me a note at bonniejayneart@comcast.net and let me know what you’d like.


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