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Jul 292015

The Hides

Every hide used in Bonnie Jayne Art products is natural supple cowhide leather.   As such, each hide is unique with a character of its own. No two items are identical . Natural cowhide may shed some.  This is normal and should be expected. They might contain branding marks, variation in color and texture, scars and blemishes . These are not defects.  Rather, they add to the  distinctive personality of the product. Add to this the fact that all products are hand cut and hand stitched, when you purchase a natural cowhide product from Bonnie Jayne Art, you will own an elegant yet fun to wear product that no one else will have.

The Accessories

The accessories you will find at Bonnie Jayne Art include braided wrist bands, pony tail wraps, cowhide upholstered foot stools and other cowhide items.  The hair on products are made from natural cowhide leather.  Items such as the smooth wrist bands are made from leather that may be dyed to produce that special color.

Care of your Bonnie Jayne Art natural cowhide leather product

It is important to remember that cowhides are a natural product and, like everything else, will wear over time.

Here are a few tips for taking care of leather…

  • Avoid placing your cowhide in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time otherwise the leather will start to bleach and dry out.
  • Do not allow grit and dirt to build up to excessive levels on your leather as this could cause an abrasive affect.
  • To remove dust and debris you can shake out the hide or gently vacuum using the suction attachment only, without the vacuum’s beater bar.
  • The hide’s natural oils resist staining, simply wipe up any spills. If a stain should occur use mild or neutral soap, warm water, and a soft brush and rub lightly, going with the grain of the hair.
  • Keep sharp objects and animal claws away from your leather as these can score the leather.
  • Do not place your leather near to strong heat sources such as open fires, heat outlets or sources of damp.
  • Lighter colors will wear just as well as darker ones but will need to be cared for more often.
  • Deal with spills as soon as possible otherwise permanent stains can result. Use a damp clean cloth and wipe dry.
  • Do not use furniture polish, abrasive cleaners, soaps, varnishes or any ammonia based products as these products may contain solvents which will break down the protective coatings of the leather.
  • The inside of each Bonnie Jayne Art handbag has been treated with Scotchgard™.  The best way to care for the inside of your  handbag is to use a suede eraser and suede brush.


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